11 Jul Psoriatic Arthritis: Understanding Patient Perspectives and Providing Patient-Centered Care

Rheumatology / Enduring Film 2017  

This engaging 45-minute enduring activity is designed for clinicians who treat patients with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis (PsA). This activity will engage, inform, and educate the participants on best practices for discussing with patients their beliefs about PsA and expectations for disease treatment and management. There will be a focus on shared decision making regarding goals of treatment and the treatment plan, as well as the coordination of care between dermatology providers and rheumatology providers in management of patients with PsA. The patient is made the focus of the curriculum, and a series of short videos featuring the patient with psoriasis and PsA and his interactions with the healthcare providers will be featured.

The program can be found on Medscape, here.