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Putting Patients at the Center: An Overview of Shared Decision-Making and CME

Highly interactive, multicomponent online interventions have the strongest supporting evidence of effectiveness when compared to other online interventions. To help effectively educate providers on the skills needed for effective SDM conversations, Forefront Collaborative recently developed an online CME activity. With this interactive exercise, our goal is to promote increased competency and confidence in applying effective SDM in routine clinical practice.
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How Case-Based Learning Complements CME

Case-based learning (CBL) has come to light as a means by which CME learners can benefit from the details of real patient experiences. CBL is helping us pioneer educational nuances from best practices in educational design, needs assessment surveys, and the diligence of investigating gaps in healthcare
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Benefits of Online Learning Platforms for CME Learners

Technology-based instruction and web-based video conferencing tools have served as useful and convenient ways to help learners continue their CME courses throughout the last two years and will likely continue to grow in popularity even beyond the pandemic.  
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Medical Education Gets Experiential

It’s been almost 30 years since the first virtual reality (VR) headsets were released for a general audience and adoption by the public of head-mounted displays (HMDs) for augmented reality (AR) experiences—including VR and mixed reality (MR)—has been slow. However, incredible technological innovations in the last half decade have begun making the promise of AR a reality.
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Forefront Collaborative Launches CMEcollab

Forefront Collaborative is proud to announce the launch of their new dynamic learning hub for healthcare professionals, CMEcollab. The site features two online learning academies, Rheum Academy and Oncology Academy, with more therapeutic area-specific academies in development.
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Together, we can explore the edges of possibility and pioneer the CME experience.

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