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Our CME Approach

Exploring the Edge of Possibility in CME

For more than 25 years, we have successfully designed and delivered quality medical education rooted in adult learning principles and backed by the highest scientific standards. Today, we aim to close healthcare learning gaps by developing activities that create experiential learning and engage patient perspectives, all built on a foundation of scientific collaboration. We know today’s HCPs need education that captures and keeps their attention while adding tangible value to their overarching educational goals. With these strategic objectives in mind, our tactics include the following:

Live Symposia
Mixed Reality Experiences
Augmented Reality Experiences
Personalized Cases
On-Demand Webinars
Live Stream Broadcasts
Conference Highlights
Interactive Infographics
Patient Simulations
MOA Videos
TED Talks-Style Presentations

We break the mold of static CME, accomplishing all of the above via our three-pillar approach

Experiential Learning

Technological innovations have created a whole new world of learning, enabling us to explore realities—extended and otherwise—beyond the limits of our immediate senses. HCP learners can immerse themselves in virtual environments that simulate surgery or learn the pathophysiology of various disease states. At Forefront Collaborative, we’ve just begun to explore this new world and believe that extended reality experiences—and thus experiential learning—will pioneer the future of medical education.

Patient Perspectives

Today, patients hold more medical information in the palm of their hands than most medical school libraries held just 25 years ago. Technology empowers patients, integrating their perspective into medical education. Nothing is more important. At Forefront Collaborative, we frequently seek out patient feedback when developing our educational initiatives and include patient testimony in many of our activities. Additionally, patient-physician shared decision making represents a fundamental element of many of our educational activities. We achieve the best healthcare outcomes when patients feel supported when considering their options and when they receive the best available knowledge to help make more informed decisions.

Scientific Collaboration

Pioneering the CME experience requires pioneering science. Our team of PhDs and MDs, whose expertise spans a broad range of therapeutic areas, partners with leading physician experts from the most reputable practices and top-tier research universities to bring evidence-based learning into clinical practice. We bring on faculty to serve as strategic partners, offering input and guidance at all stages of the activity development process. Additionally, we develop long-lasting partnerships with faculty, working with the same experts through several grant cycles to foster deep collaboration.

Together, we can explore the edges of possibility and pioneer the CME experience.

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