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Forefront Collaborative and Microsoft HoloLens

CARMEL (April 19, 2019) — Mixed reality is the next frontier in continuing medical education. Microsoft HoloLens is a self-contained, mixed reality computer. Mixed reality also does not obscure the user’s view; it superimposes holographic images into the real world. Forefront Collaborative has recently been awarded two educational grants for experiential learning in multiple therapeutic areas for experiential learning utilizing cutting edge technology with HoloLens.

The HoloLens platform features

  • Real-time interactive anatomical models
  • Isolating specific areas or structures
  • Multiple drug molecule models
  • Interactive mechanism of actions
  • Information hotspots

Ro Brual, Vice President and General Manager of Forefront Collaborative, said, “Experiential learning is the future of medical education. Utilizing immersive technologies such as Microsoft HoloLens will enhance the educational experience for healthcare professionals. Experiential learning will increase the understanding of various disease states and mechanism of actions of current and emerging therapies, which will ultimately lead to better patient care.”

“There is so much energy and excitement across our organization to create these new learning experiences. It is clear that experiential learning trends are transforming education. We are planning (and buckling our seat belts in anticipation) for exponential growth in the use of immersive technology like the HoloLens,” said CEO Deborah Wood.

About Forefront Collaborative

Forefront Collaborative is part of DWA, a network of healthcare communications agencies certified as a woman-owned business enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). The mission of Forefront Collaborative is to engage, unite, and inspire healthcare professionals through accredited independent healthcare education activities rooted in principles of patient engagement, evidence-based medicine, and adult learning principles. They bring personality and creativity and apply experiential learning approaches that take actionable knowledge into clinical practice to achieve better patient outcomes.